Auntie Marge and Nana

New Haven has been challenging. Mom had chemo today for 40 minutes and it wasn’t what we thought it would be like. We expected her to feel sick right away but her nausea just started now so that was about 12 hours later. I’m so lucky my mom has Aunt Marge here in the house with her. I see the two of them together and am jealous I don’t have any siblings because their bond is so amazing.

Since I arrived I’ve been debating if I should move back here to be with my mom. She insists I shouldn’t and Aunt Marge says she has things under control. She even said that my mom might have a harder time with me and the boys here because she’ll feel like she needs to take care of us. That’s the last thing I want her to feel. Meh.

The boys have been doing great here! Except for Bryce’s CF scare when we first arrived, everything has been smooth. My mom and Aunt Marge’s neighbor has two grandsons so the boys have kept busy making friends with them while I have Caleb in tow as usual.

I had mixed feelings about being here for the holidays but now I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve missed my mom a lot more than I realized! Funny how that happens.

Still trying to figure out where is home. Indiana? California? Somewhere else???

Oh. The neighbor has cats and now the boys want a cat instead of a dog!! NO! I’m not a fan of cats. How do I fix this?? lol


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