A family that gets sick together?

Bryce brought home the flu on Thursday and by Friday all three boys plus mom were sick. I’m happy to announce we survived the weekend (barely) and at least Bryce seems to be feeling better. Drake is feeling the worst right now but he is a real trooper!

It’s at times like this when I miss my mom the most and how I wish Indiana was a drive away. She would have known how to get all four of us better in the span of the weekend. Drake wouldn’t have thrown her chicken noodle soup on the floor. She would have picked the medicine that tasted the best so that Bryce wouldn’t have fought with her every 6-8 hours. She would have known the secret to getting us all full nights of sleep over the last three days. Moms are like that right?

I love you mom. I’ll earn my mommy stripes one day. I’ll get there!


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