Another move?

Every day I tell myself that I can do this. . . I can manage these 3 kids on my own with no family close by and no friends yet. I’ve just started working from home for a great lawyer based on the Peninsula but it will be a few months at least until I’m caught up with bills and can feed my kids something better than pasta 4 times a week! πŸ™‚

Right now Richard is okay with me lugging the boys with me any time I need to meet with him at his home office but I imagine that will get old to ANY normal human being. It’s difficult especially with the boys’ ages being 4, 2, and almost 1! Oh how I wish my mom was here with me to help a bit. She really wants me to move back to Indiana but I really can’t imagine leaving California. At the same time I tend to feel out of place here. . . not one lick of me is a California girl! But there’s so much here for the kids that just doesn’t exist in Indiana. I can’t bear the thought of pulling them away from this.

Now I’m considering moving away from Sacramento and closer to the Peninsula. I hear it is gruesomely expensive. Anyone have any input as to what would be a good city? Anyone have any advice on moving kids too frequently in a short amount of time? They’re young enough and seem fine with whatever I decide but I’d hate for there to be some long-term impact. Not to mention our neighborhood is a bit aged up here in Sacramento. lol. I need some young blood around me so I can socialize and have a life again! I would love any suggestions!



7 thoughts on “Another move?

  1. Hi. I live near Sac but am from the Bay. It is expensive to live there and that is the reason we moved from San Jose to near Folsom. I have 2 boys aged 1 and 3 (almost 4).

    • How long have you lived near Sacramento? I’m sure I’m jumping the gun. I’ve only been here just over a year. I like our because it’s more reasonable and a lot more like what I’m used to in Indiana than Los Angeles was for me. I’m more worried about the kids ages 4, 2, and almost 1.

  2. I have lived here 3 years. It’s much more affordable here compared to the Bay Area. Main reason why we moved, second reason is where we were living has become high crime and the police force is only responding to major crime. Not a safe place for raising family. Not all parts of the Bay are like that – but where we were living and from – sadly it was.

    • Thanks Stephanie. I will probably wait it out a bit longer. I had Caleb 3 months after I moved up here and have spent this last year with a newborn plus the two toddlers. Call it PPD or anxiety but I’ve been antsy. lol. Really appreciate your POV!


      • I was an avid member of thebump/thenest for my first two. Haven’t jumped back on yet which is probably why I’m having a much harder time without 1) my (ex) husband and 2) friends in the area. Which boards do you recommend in terms of what has been helpful for you? REALLY appreciate your help and responses! πŸ™‚

  3. The Bump. There is a board for NorCal Moms, but we moved it on to Facebook as a private group. I just looked you up and requested you as a friend.

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