San Francisco Airport

The boys and I spent this weekend with my Aunt Marge who attended a weekend conference right by the San Francisco Airport. She let us stay with her in her hotel room so that the kids could take full advantage of an indoor swimming pool and so that I could have a weekend that didn’t involve having to clean up after them!

A funny thing happened on my way to see her. . . (keep in mind that I’m not from California and have moved from Indiana to Los Angeles to Sacramento in the last 7 years). . . okay, wait. Maybe I’m not as stupid as I’m making myself feel. Please tell me I’m not the ONLY one who didn’t know the San Francisco Airport is NOT in San Francisco?????? Me and Tom (aka Tom Tom) had one hell of a time trying to find the SFO airport and Aunt Marge’s hotel BECAUSE THE CITY IS TECHNICALLY SAN BRUNO. They really should label that more clearly wouldn’t you think?

My boss Richard asked if we had spent any time in the actual city of San Francisco (not including any time I was lost) and the answer was no. We’re from Indiana! San Bruno was plenty exciting for us. I took the boys to Hooters for the first time (don’t judge me!) and I’m happy to say that they LOVE……. owls. 😉

Also on our way to Hayward to meet a woman who is looking to give a way her puppy. I know, I know. . . I have my hands full as it is with the boys but I am considering a small dog for them as a Christmas gift. Commence criticisms now.


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