Suicidal much?

I came across this article today and had a flashback to my separation from Paul last year. Oh how I wish I had these instructions back then. . .

I recently had a conversation with my neighbor Amanda who is a former mommy blogger. The main reason she stopped was because her husband had a difficult time dealing with how public their lives were. Photographs, intimate moments (not like THAT), and even arguments were being documented and people were reading and commenting (albeit in her case and mine, we’re talking about 25-50 people or so). It started to become a constant point of discussion and contention that their kids were “all over” the internet and so on and so forth.

Amanda also got rid of her blog and “abstained” from social media for quite some time but because it meant a lot to her husband. Sometimes I wonder if I had jumped off that bridge a couple of months earlier, would it have saved my marriage? And more importantly, would I have been okay with that?

I appreciate that we all have the ability and right to exercise free speech. I enjoy how the internet brings people together that are thousands of miles and cultures away from each other. I love having an outlet that doesn’t necessarily need to involve anyone else but myself and my thoughts. Would I have been okay with losing all of that to save my family? I don’t think so.

I still have my family. I just don’t have my husband. Is that too great a price to pay? You tell me.


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