Boys will be boys

And I’m not talking about the kids.

The soon-to-be ex husband has recently expressed concern about me putting “our” children on the internet as part of our divorce discussions. Let me remind you all that this is the same husband who is willing to give me full custody and is also willing to give me child support. But get this. . . in the event that I begin to generate monetary profit via an online site (e.g. blog) that feature “our” children, he would like us to agree on an appropriate commission on the income.

What. The. F*ck.

With that in mind, I will be refraining from posting pictures of the boys on here for now until our divorce has settled and I am comfortable with what is on paper. Frankly, my kids LOVE seeing themselves on the internet but my life, my family, and my kids are NOT for sale or for profit. That is just ridiculous, right? Am I being crazy??!


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